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House Rules

  • We have a strict no late-entry policy for our yoga and climb classes. This policy is in place to keep you safe and respect the sanctity of our studio room environments. Late entry for our Lagree classes will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  • If it is your first class, we require arrival a MINIMUM of 10 minutes prior to the start of class time. Please plan additional time to find parking.
  • If you are not checked into class 2 minutes prior to the start of class your spot may be given to a fellow client on the waitlist.
  • If you are taking yoga, please be ON your mat at the start time of class. If you are taking climb, please be by your machine at the start time of class. All yoga and climbing classes take place in a dark room; late entry will not be permitted. No exceptions are made to this rule. 
  • Absolutely ZERO electronics in our studio rooms. This includes phones and cameras. If you choose to wear a smart watch, please make sure the display is turned off as to not disturb other clients.
  • We appreciate you avoiding strong perfumes as son clients are allergic and sensitive to smells while working out.
  • If we see a client on their phone, we will kindly ask the client to step out of their workout. It is distracting to the instructor and other clients when people text/take calls during class
  • Our studio accepts all major credit/debit cards. It is studio policy to always keep an up-to-date card on file. This card will be used to collect any late cancelation/no-show fees in the event they occur.  
  • We are a cashless business.
  • Waiving cancellation fees based off poor weather conditions will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. If poor weather is in the forecast and client chooses to keep themselves in the class, cancellation fees will not be waived. Client understands it is their responsibility to cancel themselves out of class if the forecast shows poor weather, and to allot for more time to get themselves to class. If Transform cancels class due to poor weather conditions clients will not be charged any cancellation fees and their class credit will be returned to their account.
  • If client has ANY type of balance on their account, client understands they will not be able to participate in class again until their balance is paid off in FULL.
  • ClassPass clients will be charged for ALL cancellations from Transform AND from ClassPass
  • Client understands that it is 100% their responsibility to check into their class with front desk. If no front desk is present during class check-in, client should inform their instructor that no one was present to check them in and ask the instructor to make sure they were marked as present. Failure to check into your class will be treated as a no-show, and client will be charged $25 no-show fee. 
  • If a client thinks they have been marked absent and charged a fee in error, the client must contact the studio via email within 48 hours of the missed class to contest the charge (we highly recommend all clients turn on email notifications so that any class automated email will not be missed). If charge is contested after the 48-hour window, the client acknowledges that the fee may not be reversed. 
  • It is a client’s right to turn off account notifications from Transform. We offer text and email notifications for account management, reminders and schedule changes, and news and promos. These notifications can be customized to your preferences. We recommend you keep them on to ensure you’re notified of any emails related to your booking. We do not waive fees for missed notifications. 
  • Our studio is open during CLASS TIMES ONLY. We are closed mid-day and late night. For this reason, our primary contact method is via email.