Alexis Ren, Super Model

“Beth is the best. I loved her class. She is knowledgable and has great energy. My modeling agency wanted me to drop weight, and since I tend to put on muscle easy I was worried I would start bulking the more I worked out. She catered to me and made sure I did things right so I still toned without bulking. Whenever I was in town I made sure to take her class. Denver is very lucky”

Jocelyn Halperin, 23, Brentwood, CA

I’ve been taking Pilates classes since 2011 at studios all throughout Southern California, and I’m not exaggerating when I tell you Beth has and will always be my favorite instructor. From her technique to her music choice, she kept me so motivated and excited to go to her classes. I’ve never been in better shape than when I was in Beth’s Pilates classes. Denver, you don’t know how lucky you are.

Anna Jamroz, Brentwood, CA

No other workout has changed my body as much as Pilates and no other instructor has influenced that change more then Beth!! Beth is absolutely amazing at pushing the experienced to their personal limit while coaching beginners to get through their first class.. Beth is high energy, hard, and also the sweetest most encouraging instructor ever!! Doesn’t hurt that she always plays amazing music and looks as good as she does… Goals!!!

Miguel Ali, Founder, Helix Mobile Wellness and Research, California

As a healthcare entrepreneur and fitness nut, I know that you’re fitness is only going to be as good as your trainer is. Few trainers measure up to Beth. Beth is knowledgable, friendly, and runs phenomenal classes that balance strength with cardio. She is also quite nurturing, meaning that new members of a class will never feel left out or intimidated. Lastly, Beth is an expert when it comes to the Lagree Fitness Methods, the most pioneering form of Pilates today. I give Beth my highest recommendation.

Gaby Dalkin, Chef/Food Blogger, California

After trying dozens of pilates studios and instructors, Beth is hands down the most incredible instructor out there. She keeps classes moving, every class is different, she always makes sure that everyone is using proper technique and the music is the best! I’ve been missing her ever since she left LA! Pilates will never be the same without her!

Carley Werts, california

Beth is such an amazing and dedicated instructor.  She is very technical and always teaches challenging classes to great upbeat music.  There is no doubt you will achieve toned arms, chiseled abs, strong legs and a perky butt in no time!