Trish Kolosso, California

When I hear the word “Pilates” I immediately think of one person, Beth Bedingfield. She’s the best & most motivating instructor ever!! Coming from a runner’s background I was nervous if this would be a good workout. Let’s just say I’ve NEVER left a class disappointed. Tired yes but always feeling I had an epic workout. Beth has a unique style in teaching where she blends music, her fitness knowledge &  personality together into an amazing hardcore workout. I crave her Pilates classes. She helps us dig deep & push harder for the maximum benefit & awesome results. It’s hard to top a teacher like Beth because of her dedication to each individual in class. Thank you for being such an inspiration & making me work for a better mind, body & soul!

Kristin Sakowski, California

Beth is AMAZING. One of the first things I noticed about Beth’s class was her music. She’s always got a great playlist going that keeps you motivated even when you’re struggling to push through. And the struggling….yep that will happen in her classes….in the best way possible. She will guide you when you need help and challenge you just when you think you’ve mastered a move. I loved the feeling of being completely exhausted and WORKED out after class, because to me, that’s what a class should do. I became a regular in her classes not only for the music, the tough workouts and guidance, but because Beth is a genuinely awesome person too. I also took her classes throughout my pregnancy. She knows the moves that will keep you and baby safe, while still giving you a good workout. Take her class and you will certainly not regret it.

Tanza Bove, California

Donec vitae urna eu augue eleifend ullamcorper quis pretium diam. In suscipit vitae sem a pharetra. Nam aliquam I’ve been doing Pilates for 2 years and its one of the best work outs I’ve ever had – I became obsessed with it instantly. Part of a great work out is an educated instructor that also creates a fun atmosphere which makes you want to work out as hard as you can. If you take Beth’s class that’s what you’ll get. It’s a tough class but you won’t care because you’ll be having fun and enjoying the results.  Jealous she’s no longer in LA and I can’t take her class anymore but whomever starts training with her, won’t regret it.

Sarah Mclellan Adams, California

Beth is a fantastic trainer. She has great, positive upbeat energy, but is also focused and motivating. Her workouts are hard in the best possible way!

Dottie Gibbons White, Venice, California

Beth is the perfect trainer for someone who seriously wants to gets in shape and is willing to do the work. She is tough and a stickler for form (which is so important), and yet she is also a warm lovely person.  She is really tailoring the sessions to your needs and abilities, while making sure you push myself.  I really love her.