LAGREE METHOD: Whether you are a yoga junkie, constantly grinding at the office, live outdoors on the slopes, or a bike, The Lagree Fitness Method will compliment every facet of your life. The Lagree Fitness method is unlike any workout you have ever done before. This method is responsible for transforming some of Hollywood’s hottest bodies (think Victoria Secret models, David Beckham, and Sophia Vergara). The method delivers substantial results, FAST. Expect 45 minutes of high energy and intensity, mega calorie-burning (up to 500-800 calories per session), and serious muscle shaking. This no impact method incorporates strength, balance, flexibility, and resistance and cardio training in every single exercise performed. How? Each exercise works the muscle to failure by moving at a slow and controlled pace. We transition between movements quickly keeping your heart rate elevated. The end result? Toned and elongated muscles, lower body fat composition and improved endurance.

Each class is taught on the most current edition of Sebastien Lagree’s Megaformer. It’s called the M3. The machine provides an infinite amount of exercise options. The M3 uses a system of resistance and counter resistance exercises that place muscles under constant tension and works them to failure, which is the key to this method’s quick results. The machine allows you to move quickly from one exercise to the next, keeping the heart rate high, and the intensity even higher, which ultimately keeps you in that fat burn zone the entire class all while putting NO stress on your joints or spine. The best part about this machine? Your body can NEVER plateau.


Get ready for a 30 minute, calorie BLASTING, group training EXPERIENCE. Climbing! The climbing method uses your upper and lower body together. Unlike most cardio machines, the Versa Climber gives you no momentum, therefore forcing your body to do all of the work.

Because the Versa Climber is also a low impact machine, you will be putting little to no stress on your bones and joints, which lowers the risk of injury that most people experience in other group-training classes. The Versa Climber utilizes movement progression that is innate to the human body (crawling, walking, running, and climbing), which leaves you better equipped to perform the natural requirements of daily life. You will sweat. You will gain strength in the mind and body. You will create a more balanced body. You will TRANSFORM.

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We offer the best equipment available, the most premier training staff and a state of the art sound system to get you in the zone.  TransFORM will be an experience.  You will leave with shaking muscles, dripping in sweat and addicted to the exercise high you will receive. The future of fitness is finally in Denver.


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