Not only will you want to be Caitlin’s best friend, you’ll (literally) LOL, tremble in her classes, and possibly leave with abs as ripped as hers. One of Queen Bey’s biggest fans, Caitlin will drop your favorite Yoncé and Yeezy tracks and mix it up with some throwback 90’s hip hop and Funkadelic.

In her words:

I was born and raised in Colorado in a very active and outdoor family. I grew up running, rock climbing, hiking, and camping. After living in Denver, my husband and I moved to Los Angeles where I discovered The Lagree Method! Now we are back in Denver and enjoying all that Colorado has to offer once more!
Since I grew up exercising and working out outside, nothing in a gym or studio ever really clicked with me. I rarely left feeling like I got a workout in. When I finally gave Lagree a try, I was hooked. I loved the challenge of the workout, the attention to body and joint alignment in the poses, the cardio aspect, and the exhaustion afterwards. I started taking classes casually, but I was seeing changes in by body so quickly from them, I was soon going as often as I could! I had muscle tone in my arms for the first time EVER, less back pain, better posture, lean muscle in my legs, and even abs! How could I NOT be addicted?
When I found out Beth was opening a studio in Denver right as we moved here, I was thrilled! I am so lucky and excited to share The Lagree Method and the workout that WILL transform you!