Beautiful, warm, nurturing; Hannah is a vibrant, high energy southern sweetheart. She loves to be hands on and instructional to make sure you got what you paid for. It’s hard not to love this girl. As far as music? Get ready to sweat, shake while Drake plays way too loud.

In her words:

Hannah recently moved to Denver from south Louisiana and has been obsessed with the LaGree method for years. Her passion for sustainable health and fitness lead her to become a LaGree-certified instructor; and her attention to detail means you don’t get to slack off in her class. She doesn’t go a day without drinking a green smoothie, bottle of kombucha, cup of coffee, tart cherry juice, and a La Croix. She and her husband have a goldendoodle named Simba that is mostly fluff and may or may not be the best snuggler in the world. Spoiler alert: he is.

When she isn’t at Transform you can probably find her at an ink-covered desk finishing an order of hand-written pieces for her calligraphy/design company Ink & Root.