This beauty’s goal is to make sure you get an intense and challenging workout and to always leave satisfied. She has a hands on approach while helping you dig deeper and push harder. As far as music, she doesn’t discriminate. As long as it has a good beat she dabs in all genres (although we know a little Kanye is a guilty pleasure).

In her words:

I am a Washington state native that moved to Colorado and soon became inspired by everything health and fitness related. I knew right after moving that I wanted to combine my passion for fitness and my drive for helping others. I enrolled at The National Personal Training Institute of Denver, graduated with honors, and became NASM certified. Afterwards I took my first Lagree class and was instantly hooked. The workouts were the hardest I had ever done and they left me feeling strong and lean all in 50 minutes. Lagree changed me physically, but also challenged my mental stamina, boosted my confidence, and pushed me to work harder outside of class. That is the goal for each of my clients! I am the trainer that loves to push clients to their max while making them feel safe, supported, and motivated. I’m all about good form, technique, and having a fun! I want you to leave class feeling like you left everything there and can’t wait to come back.