Born and bred in Santa Monica, this stud got her training in the Lagree capital of the nation, LA (where the competition is no joke). Don’t be fooled by her calm demeanor, Marley will leave your body aching. She won’t put you through anything she can’t do, but that is not saying much, this sports lover is insanely strong. She will blast EDM and hip/hip that will keep your energy and focus in the zone.

In her words:

I grew up playing soccer competitively, but unfortunately suffered an injury in high school which ended my soccer career. I struggled to find a high intensity workout that challenged my body without injuring it. I was introduced to classical Pilates and connected to the principles of the method. I became certified in classical Pilates and began teaching. Not long after, I found the Lagree method. This is when my passion for fitness truly skyrocketed. I had never experienced a workout that made me work as hard as Lagree does. I felt every muscle in my body working in unison, yet the low-impact aspect kept me healthy. I had never seen changes like this happen to my body in such a short amount of time. I was hooked. I began pursuing my Lagree certification and then started teaching classes shortly after I completed the training. Now I am able to share everything the Lagree method has taught me; things like self-confidence, motivation, and believing in yourself. I have seen such a transformation in myself and can’t wait to be a part of your transformation. I’m here as your coach to help you reach your goals and become the best version of you. I have been teaching in Santa Monica, where I’ve lived my whole life, but am excited about living in Denver and enjoying everything Colorado has to offer.