Badass. The only word to describe this mama. This blonde, ripped bombshell will kick your a** in class. You can count on this class to be a killer, Shawna never fails to bring it. She will keep you engaged and motivated not only on the mic, but by trying to keep up with her. This insanely positive, fun-loving warm girl will drop all the Hip-Hop heat while throwing in an EDM banger on the side.

In her words:

I have been in the fitness industry since 2002 as a Group Fitness Instructor, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. I’ve taught several different formats of group fitness including kickboxing, cycling, boot camps, HIIT and strength. I have always had a passion for competitive sports, weight training and Pilates and I love sharing my passion and energy with others. I grew up playing volleyball, basketball and was on the track and field team. I also competed in fitness and figure competitions for four years and really enjoyed the dedication and determination that it brought out in me. My number one passion is to help others find that in themselves by bringing the most challenging, yet fun experience to class each and every time so you’ll always be excited to come back for more. Lagree and Climbing is the perfect combination for any fitness goal and I’m so excited to help you reach those goals and see the amazing results. Nothing has worked faster for me!